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January 26, 2009



I hope you know how tight a hug I'd give you.



It's as if they don't want us to worry. And we want to be there for our own emotional process.




I just watched the movie Marley and Me. It's about a couple that got a dog and the dog grew up as part of their family for many years. It was heartfelt and beautiful even though the dog was sort of troublesome. They were his family and through all the tough times he was truly loved. I don't have a dog, but I do understand your pain and your sentiments.

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i'm sorry to hear about your dog. =( hope you're doing ok. i know its easier said than done and it's not easy the first few weeks / months.

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Your story took me back to the time my wife and I lost our pet. The vet told us that animals, like dogs and cats, hide their injuries and their pain and that often we do not know how bad things are until it is too late. And yes, they seem to like to be alone when they about to pass away. He was in pain and the vet told us it was more humane to let him go to sleep. We said our goodbyes and let him go. But it can be very different with people. Often being there with them at the end is the best gift we can give them. And whether it is an animal we love or a person we keep them in our hearts forever.

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Sad story, it must have been a difficult choice, but I'm sure you did the right thing.


My life has always been surrounded by dogs, so I have experienced many deaths. I agree that dogs seem to want to die alone, but I doubt I will ever be able to allow that if at all possible. I need to be there when they let go, for my benefit and to be able to say "good-bye". Maybe it's selfish, but my dogs are my life and I guess by being there at the end I want to somehow convey to them how very much they are loved and will be missed.

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It's a traumatic experience when a loved and long cared for pet dies. We lost Bruce our retired police dog when I was just a child. I cried forever (or what seemed like forever). I've heard that elephants also leave the herd to die. No one really knows why, perhaps it's to leave fond memories rather than sad ones.


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This was very helpful to me. My dog passed away May 28. I took him to the vet and they were going to try some new meds and told me they wanted to observe him for 2 hours. They told me to leave a number and they would call me. I only left for a few minutes when he died.

I have such sorrow that I wasn't there. But then somewhere deep down I thought...he left when he wanted and he didn't want me there

I hope that is the case, that would comfort me for not being there when he died.


Thank you so much for this article. My beloved husky, Kobe died yesterday. He had hemolytic anemia. I noticed several times Saturday night he wanted to go outside but it was raining and since he hates rain, he would not leave. when we got home from church the next day, he had died in his favorite spot in the foyer. I felt so guilty because I wanted to be with him. Thank you so much...

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How sad ;(

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I noticed something similar with my dog too! She always went off in the wood when she was sick and we would go find her, worried, and bring her back. I wanted to be with her too, but eventually we let her go and do her thing


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Your story reminds me of my pet who passed away a few years back. When we took him to the local vet they told us that he had no chance of surviving. We wanted him to live longer but knew that nothing could be done.
The doctor asked us to leave the dog in the clinic as it would be more painful for people to see him die at home.
With heavy heart we had to leave the pet at the clinic.
Just wish that I could be there with him for some more time.

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You are right. We all want to be there when our pet finally passes away, but as you said I think they do want to be alone and not around us. I have an 11 year Lab that I know she probably or hopefully has a couple more years. I know I will want to be with her the hole time.

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