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January 09, 2009



Ugh! Your poor cute little car! I think you definitely need to find & get rid of that big ol' target on its butt.


I've given you an award! Check my blog for details!


You're a accident magnet. You should have gone with the slime ball ambulance chasing lawyer.

Michigan Criminal Attorney

Just goest to show you how dangerous driving really is. Hopefully your luck turns around.

Stephen Schaunt

Wow, that's quite an experience. I think you're an unfortunate victim of Murphy's Law. But this happens to most people. You're just unlucky that it fell on you, all at once. Anyway, your luck will turn for the better. That's for sure.

Texas Insurance

What a shame it is that you have to trust other drivers to drive.

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Immanuel Llorens

That's just too bad. Some people are not so considerate even if you're being careful. Leaking lubricants are the least of your problems, but the important thing is that you are safe and sound.

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