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September 27, 2008


not very anon mom



Wow... thanks for posting that. I just stumbled on your blog today. This is scary. Really puts it in perspective!

Have you seen the essay by a professor at ASU on white priviledge? It's by a women's studies professor... I forgot her name.


When will we as a country learn to stop pointing fingers at each other? This message actually saddens me. It could have been written by either "Side" of the "United" states. Until we learn to work together, we are not going to work at all.


I LOVED this essay! I only wish I had seen it before the election when a colleague of mine criticized my support for Obama, and when I asked what about Obama he did not like or trust, he replied that Obama was an elitist for going to Harvard!!! HAHAHAHAHA. I think I'll copy this essay and send it to him all the same.

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