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September 01, 2008



hee hee.

If I'd known it was a home weekend, I'd have given you a little something to sport from Anna's closet.

Georganna Hancock

Is it true everything's bigger there?

Georganna @ A Writer's Edge


I've bestowed upon you an "I Love Your Blog" award!

You can pick it up at my site.



you know you love your adorable new BURNT ORANGE shirt hehe :)
i can't wait to see my WHOLE FAMILY decked in burnt orange for the UT vs. A&M game that we will surely win :D


Isn't awesome? I'm a SOTA (student older than average) and it was the best years of my life. I can't get enough burnt orange. Now I want a Jeep that is burnt orange.
Hook 'em!

gameday boutique

I own a store in Charlotte, NC and we specialize in dressing girls for gamedays! We carry 14 different colors-- even burnt orange! Check us out at www.gamedayboutique.com!


There is a huge selection of great burnt orange clothing at www.teamcolorscouture.com! Check it out!

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