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August 23, 2008



Congratulations to you and to Eldest both. Yes, this is the end of an era--but it's the beginning of an exciting new one and one that won't fade away as she grows older, but become deeper and more interesting over time.

Love to ya. Have a good trip.


And the tears are running down my cheeks.



Bless your heart. I took the same journey not to long ago and now my "little one" has a job making more than I and will just began Grad School

You are giving her a gift; allowing her to go away to school. She will grow as will you. Talk often, pray hard and she will be just fine.

6 hrs away....that's a quick plane ride.

Hang in there!


i love-ed you, mommy :)
i know it's going to be tough but us women have to keep out heads high.

we got this.


Hey there - what a wonderful heartbreak. To know you prepared such a woman to enter the world. My babies are already breaking my heart with each conversation about leaving.

Take great pride in the woman you have raised, and know she will be fine and so will you.

not very anon mom

once i safely delivered my eldest to college, things were never the same way again. not in a bad way really, but not in a good way either. just different.

i understand how you feel.


By the way, is there tons of road work or something? The Man recalls making the trip in about 4.5.

Then again, he's a bit of a scofflaw.

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