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August 17, 2008



Debbie Schlussel is an ass anyway.

And we saw Mark Spitz being interviewed on the night Phelps got his seventh gold medal. I've never seen such an expression of barely concealed contempt and irritation and general pissy-facedness on TV before in my life. Mark Spitz, pfaugh.

knutty knitter

For those of us unacquainted with MS perhaps the media should request he shut up altogether. It does spoil the legend for the rest of the world.

Phelps comes across as a really nice person.

Just because you're good at something doesn't give you leave to think you're god's gift to the world and somehow worth more than anyone else.

viv in nz


Mark Spitz is an ass. I read an article in the NYTimes about him and he is a real jerk.

Michael Phelps is just a great guy. He was/is so down to earth during interviews.

I love how much he loves his mom and family. He heaps the praise on her and others. Not himself. (btw read the NY Times Sports section today 8/18....he gives credit to others.

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