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August 16, 2008



Lovely photos! That cow is hilarious :)


Love the fish...

Hope you visit mine...




that is colorful and its pretty. Mine is up too.


All three are such wonderful photos! I love them all.

Hootin' Anni

Oh my goodness...that fish photo is just super! What a great photograph!!

My colorful is posted...stop by if you can find time.

Happy Hunting!

Lori V.

Thanks, aerin. This is one of my faves, too. :-)

I loved your festival photos.

Lori V.

Thank you, genny!

I visited yours, as well. Christmas and mountain autumns are both great examples of "colorful."


What a lovely shot of the fish!

I also did Photo Hunt. Come share your link! :) http://newyorktraveler.net/photo-hunters-colorful/

Criz Lai

Hmm.. what's the colorful cow for? It looked like some sort of play thing for kids but I see no way how a kid were to play with it.

Anyway, you fish shot is beautiful :)


Brine Queen

I love the anthias shot. Reef fish can be so weird. I also really like the fireworks shot. How did you get it to come out so clear?!


Great pics for this week's theme! My fave is the fish one~it's a pretty little fish & my fave color is pink ;)

Lori V.

I meant to link to the Cow Parade website, so you could see what the cows are for. This is like a real life meme which benefits lots of charitable organizations. They travel around from city to city, where local artists create these artistic cows using "blanks" and local businesses pay to sponsor them. The cows are displayed in the city for a couple of months, then are auctioned off. All proceeds go to charity, and I believe each city gets to choose its own charities to benefit. It's really great!

Lori V.

I already answered Brine Queen's question at her website, but if anyone else is interested, here goes:

I already had my tripod with me, as I was photographing the nighttime traffic. When the fireworks started up, I set the camera up for a five second shutter speed and started snapping!

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins

I that fish pic - who knew? Thanks for adding to the file of useless information in my head! ;o)

Beau Beau & Angie

Aren't those cow parades wonderful? I can still remember the bright colors from the one that was held in W. Hartford CT a few years ago.


Aiks... Lantana is toxic to dogs, didn't know that. Thanks for coming and that fish is really interesting. ;)

Nikon Price

Great blog with great content !!! i like this kind of blogs ( i am a photographer myself)


Great Post. What kind of fish is that?


My favorite is the fireworks. Look almost like streamers.

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