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August 28, 2008



....and pow right in the kisser lol, great verbal beatdown

not very anon mom

oh man! don't you really, really wish that meth face would read this???

that really sucks for you, i'm so sorry that happened to you - but it sure made for an eloquent post.


How can you be so funny when you are so pissed off? I've missed reading blog!! It sucks when your purse (life) is stolen.


thank you someone stold my louis vuiton today i acidently let it in the bathroom money credit cards im pissed and i think and hpe karma is good im sad howeer that purse was my life they tried to use it annd i know were and when its on tommarow when i go see the camera footage at the gas station thanks lori

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Thank you for providing the perspective. I just read a part of the article, so I don't know much what to say. Good luck for the new member!

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That is just so bad. I hope his conscience would hunt him.

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Love the verbal beat down! But at least it's just a bag and not your life that was stolen!



What are the chances that my 10 month old daughter would drop my LV wallet w/ my house key, car key, and SecurID key along with driver's license and a debit card and someone with no conscience would take it and not return it or yell "hey lady your daughter dropped your wallet!" So, to make myself feel better I typed in "the person that stole my Louis Vuitton wallet will have horrible karma" and your hilarious letter (sure not funny whatsoever when you wrote it) pops up. Thanks for making me feel a teensy weensy bit better that it was just my little LV wallet and not my entire bag. I hope that person that stole your entire purse is someone's biotch in prison!


That just happened to me yesterday but they fucking destroyed my window and stole it out of my hiding spot in my car! I hope karma gets them too!

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