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August 14, 2008



My dear my dear. I feel the same way. For example, we're supposed to only water our yard/gardens on certain days and during the early morning or late at night. What do I see when I come home - my boob of a neighbor's sprinklers running, I pause quickly thinking the best like "hey perhaps they had them on the wrong timer" (5pm vs 5am). Then the twit dawdles out and is weeding as her sprinklers drench half the road in addition to her yard. I wanted to scream so many things at her - I didn't...hey I could have given the old bat a heart attack!

The cherry - it wasn't her day to water.


Ohh man, you and me both. I HAVE people with no common courtesy. People flyin by me in the target parking lot while I wait for someone to back up (and around them into the spot right next to them) or when I am literally half backed out of the parking spot and still moving and some a-hole flys by. What is so important you can't wait two seconds.
I had someone park directly across from the end of my driveway this last winter, so I couldn't get into my driveway. Some people are just extremly ignorant I guess.


HAVE = HATE- EHHH- and it's not even Friday yet... :(


Our neighbors don't park in front of their own house.

They park in front of ours, because it's shady.

They park in front of our across-the-street neighbor's (likewise shady).

A few weeks ago, one of their many vehicles ran into one of our across-the-street neighbor's trees and ripped off a full-size, healthy branch.

So they reparked in front of our house.

Carolyn Downing

I just found this and HAD to comment.It seems that everyone in the world is becoming discourteous especially sales people.Who hires these folks without teaching or training them in plain,old,common courtesy!I'm ranting because of an experience I had with a sales person who didn't even realize that I was telling her about herself,that's how dufus she was.People are always telling me how courteous my children are and I would wonder why,now I understand more and more why I'm told this because of the idiots like the sales person and the aforementioned people discussed.Thank you for letting me vent!

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