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July 30, 2008



Bravo! Finally, someone else in this damned country who is making an active change for the better. Congrats on the new potties!


PDX has dual-flush toilets in all the bathrooms... I think they're a great idea. If we ever accidentally buy a house, we'll def. look into installing them.

Lara Simpson

Thanks for this information. Not sure about some or the other comments.

toilet cubicles

Doing small efforts to help conserve water are really important. As they say, big things come from small things.


Even though there are huge problems occurring today, we are still responsible for conservations of our necessities, especially water.

DevilBiss Pressure Washer

One thing I never thought I would do when I was younger, is turn off the water while I'm shampooing my hair and lathering up with soap. I stand out of the water anyway there's no real reason to have it on. Part of the solution!

Plumbers Santa Rosa

I'm a plumber in the Santa Rosa, CA. area and agree with having a brush next to the toilet for the cleaning of skid marks, there is nothing more disgusting to me than to see this (kind of strange coming from a plumber I know).

Tim Tuttle

I would really like replacing some of the old faucets and fixtures around the house myself. Your toolbox is never too full!

Steve Lillybeck

I agree, well done on making a change, that's really inspiring. It's the small, simple things that make long term differences.

seattle contractors

One element I never imagined I would do when I was newer, is convert off the water while I'm washing my wild hair and lathering up with detergent. I take a position out of the water anyway there's no actual purpose to have it on. Piece of the solution!

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