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July 10, 2008


Blue Like the Sky

I've figured out a way to get a ticket for just over 1K. It's getting temptinger all the time.


GO!!!!......You need the break!!!

Luv U M


um yeah you should go. yeah. have fun.


GO! G...O......GO! G-O! GO! GO!!!!

If not for yourself, than go for all of us who envy the opportunity. :)

Blue Like the Sky

Have you decided? I'm deep in the alternative reality that is the O.C., Balboa Island to be exact, where the biggest controversy is which sweet shop, truly, can claim to be the originator of the Balboa Bar. Perhaps you should have come with us.

Bathroom Renovations

enjoy life , never hesitate to have a rest , after all if there is someone who needs a gift from u it would be yourself.

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