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July 25, 2008


knutty knitter

Hang in there!

So far we've been a lot luckier but you never can tell whats yet to come.

viv in nz


Got home tonight, so give me a call tomorrow!

Yvonne Kelly

Whatever the problem with residential treatment, the fact remains that they will be taking on a problematic individual that you no longer choose to handle, or are unable to handle. It’s for that reason you want to rid yourself of a responsibility that was initially yours.
It’s true, we all fall short, and I believe that when we see a problem we should first ask ourselves, what can I do to help. Let me tell you how my mother helped me from a very early age with my problems, and I can’t tell you just how thankful I am. If she knew I had lied to her about a matter. She would sit in a chair with a hair brush in hand, pin me between her legs, and her heavy hand would let me have it on the backside. That was the method she used with whatever conduct she saw that was unacceptable. The result: I learned not to lie, I learned to obey her, and I learned to discipline myself in life, so that I could have a happy life. When I think of the things I was wise to correct in my life, even when my mother was not around I can’t tell you how happy that makes today. It is true, I grew up at a time when parents could properly discipline their children in the privacy of their home, and have it remain a personal matter. It is true that’s not the case in today’s society.
No, there has never been a residential treatment facility for me, and I’m so, so thankful.


Well, Ms. Kelly, I ASSUME you had a brain with all working parts. Keep in mind that some children are not born as lucky as you. So, if you'd like to question my parenting, I'd appreciate an email, but until you've travelled 4 hours a day taking your child to a special school because public school is flushing him down the proverbial toilet, and until you've spent 3 hours and $250 a week for 7 years at a psychiatrist's office, and until you've had to take your child to a hospital an hour away for uncontrollable suicidal tendencies before they are 11 years old, then I would REALLY appreciate you stepping back and trolling someone else's blog. This is not a problem I "no longer choose to handle"; it is one that I handle using as many resources as possible without hitting my child with a hairbrush.

As an aside, after learning that you were dealt with by violence with a hairbrush, I sincerely hope NO ONE falls for whatever crap you offer on your website to help them with their panic attacks.

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