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July 07, 2008


viv in nz

We got a nice combo of autism, high giftedness and dyslexia with a few dashes of phobia and allergies. He's coming up 12 and yeah, life can be "interesting" at times. Fortunately he seems to be coping with the autism through sheer intelligence and the school is coping with the dyslexia so things aren't too bad at present. Unfortunately, the younger one is now exhibiting signs of emotional fragility (along with dyslexia etc). Some days you can't win! Still doesn't sound as bad as what you have to deal with. Keep your pecker up and take care of yourselves.

viv in nz


Oh man, Lori, I have the feeling that this sentence

However, and it is a large and confounding however, Youngest's poor reality testing makes this teaching impossible for him; he would simply question and reject all authority, regardless of whether said authority warranted questioning.

is a perfect summing up of the heart of the problem. Youngest is lucky to have someone so perceptive going along for this rough ride with him.

And not that I would ever presume to offer you advice... but does Youngest write or draw? We've found recently that sometimes the only thing that will snap Fisher out of one of his random irrational rage-fits is asking him to go to his computer or sketchbook and write/draw about what he's feeling. I realize that Youngest may not be in a headspace where that's an acceptable outlet to him... I wish I had something more useful to say than I'm feeling for ya.


Wow, that makes my terrible week seem pretty insignificant. I'm sorry.

not very anon mom

holy crap lori, i know e.x.a.c.t.l.y what you are dealing with here.

amazing, eh? no amount of reason will work. at that moment.

trust me though, it does sink in - just very slowly

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