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June 28, 2008


Tina of MyGoodFinds

Congratulations on the eldest's acceptance!

My favorite is the silhouette photo.

Have a wonderful weekend!


I love the bridge with the bright sun.


Congratulations on your daughter's news. I don't know that I could choose a favorite. Each is lovely and a wonderful representation of "bright" in its own unique way. I really like all your choices. :D


can't decide myself, glad you posted all of them as they're all great.
well done on your daughter's wonderful news.
have a lovely weekend =)

Blue Like the Sky

I've finally answered your meme!

viv in nz

like the city one....possibly because It's something I've never seen. It reminds me of a christmas tree all bright and shiny. congrats to your daughter by the way and do take care of yourself. It isn't easy to live with problems... I'm NOT looking forward to teens as things aren't too bad at present and the school appears to be coping for once. :)

anon mom

of course, eldest is my favorite. she's lovely.


I have a Preserve toothbrush. I love it. It's the only toothbrush I've owned in a long time that doesn't scratch up my gums.

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