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June 04, 2008



I played, honey bunches of oats. Come see :)


I have played, I have. Off to read Crystal's answers now.

Lori V.

OMG, I totally feel like a freaking rock star commented on my blog, Crystal! :-)

Lori V.

And, Molly Boo, you KNOW I think you're a damn rock star! Thus the tagging and regular praise here and shit.

Anon Mom

Guess I better get bizzy.....


You had me at Booger Hollow (Alternate title, I stopped reading after Booger Hollow)

Seriously? Booger Hollow in Blairville? My whole family is from Blairsville and I am in the "Holler" quite often! It's pretty much legendary.

Plantation Shutters

Grocery shopping is ideal for my husband :)

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