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May 28, 2008



Hey, even Girl Scouts get busted for traffic violations. It just happened to me , so I know.
Cheers and hope you feel better soon!

Blue Like the Sky

Mine hit Monday morning. Vivienne had it, too, but I don't know if anyone else got sick. Jennifer and Lori are fine. I think I had the mildest case and I felt like s*hit.

FWIW, I'm fine today.

Lori V.

Well, I guess I wasn't imagining it, then! LOL! ;-) I feel much better today (and I lost 3 pounds not eating)... Heh.


There are some scary, scary people in this world.

I hope you are feeling better.


Wow, I cannot believe the b.s. in this world. That family is displaying Jackassism in its ugliest form.

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