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April 17, 2008


Blue Like the Sky

The first week we had Kaiser, he ate an entire brownie pie. I spent a frantic evening online, until I discovered that an 80 lb. dog would need to eat a LOT of chocolate to be in trouble. Then he developed an odd attraction to these neon-orange ear plugs we use to sleep. Gulped them right down. They are, um, non-digestible. Very easy to spot when they, um, emerge. Sends Anna into hysterical laughter whenever she sees it happening! Now that he spends his time outdoors, he specializes in poo and dead things. That's my boy.

I'll leave you with the lyrics to one of A's (many) "Kaiser Carols:"

"Kaiser the Stinky Dog,
He'll eat a kitty log!
If you let him do it,
He will chomp and chew it."


Bleagh. Shudder.

I'm thinking you should plant LOTS of hibiscus and maybe teach Marshmallow that plants are not for chewing...

Lori V.

Unfortunately, she won't learn. She's smart as a whip, but attention- and behavior-wise, she's a disaster. All of the outdoor dogs would rather drink pool water than the water from their bowls. Since it's Baquacil, it's chemicals are hydrogen peroxide, so enough pool water means the dogs throw up. Doesn't even cross their minds not to drink the pool water anymore! :-O

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