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April 09, 2008



What a cute dog!

I read your post on rat mites. How did you ever get rid of them? I've been plagued by crazy mites for the past 5 months after a rat died in the attic of the house I was staying at. I've moved several times after and they keep following me. I run a blog on mites and keep looking for solutions. I know it's not in my head as some 10 people have caught them from me and a cat. Almost everyone got rid of them, except me and a couple others who still fight.


The picture shows why you keep the dog. Too cute! And sleeps well with others, apparently. Lucky Lorcan to have found you.


I thought Lorcan was some sort of prescription drug... no, apparently, that's Lortab. Regardless, he's a beautiful boy! XBF's loss, your gain.


Ah, another sucker! lol We now have a miniature mutt (possibly some scotty in him) because someone made a comment about coyotes and the "cycle of life" within our hearing. Do you think they could possibly have done that on purpose?!! lol

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