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April 12, 2008



My mother always had jasmine planted under our bedroom windows. This is a wonderful way to greet your guests! I hope you show a picture when it is in it's glory.

It's also perfect for twisted.


i bet it looks awesome in it's full glory :)


i bet it looks awesome in it's full glory :)


I just realized I have no idea what jasmine smells like! I think I'm missing out on something good. It must be a wonderful smell, tho, to walk thru every day.


We had star jasmine on a trellis when I was growing up. I can remember the scent. It would not grow here. It WOULD be dead.


Cool! And I love the bird's nest!


great shot :) nice take on the theme!

Akinobu Nakashima

Your blog was consulted for me. I live in Usa-city in the south in Japan. Please see my garden I made.

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