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April 21, 2008



Oh Lori, my heart is just breaking for you. I can't imagine the patience and dedication you're having to draw on... geesh.

So are you going to go get a PhD in neuroscience or what? I think you should oughtta entertain the idea. There's so much insane crap ("vaccines are poisoning our children!") being thrown around in the children's mental health arena, I can't help but think we could use a few more clear heads adding to the discussion.

Lori V.

Thank you, Chica! That is high praise, coming from the Mistress of All That is Scientific! Besides, I'd have to first get a freakin' bachelor's degree! I got a degree in babymaking instead of going to college... alas. I fake it well, though, no? Being "collegeable knowledgeable?"


I cannot imagine what you all go thru with youngest. Oldest here is too much for me at times and he has ADHD and sometimes I just want to scream!!! You and M are highly commendable for such grace in handling bipolar issues. I just wish I had as much patience. How do you do it!!?? Since meds my oldest is doing much better, but watch out of a morning before meds kick in, it can be pure HELL!! But you know, I wouldn 't trade it for anything, I know he and my youngest are getting what they now need and that is what is important. Keep us in your thoughts, send me patience if you find any extra anywhere....LOL. Luv to all....Mimi

Juicy Bags

It is pretty commonplace to modify knowledge how attributions with what I will call "incompleteness" modifiers, because they in some sense indicate an incomplete knowledge state. Some examples:

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