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March 08, 2008



It is so fun that you have snow in Texas. And your kids are wearing hoodies! lol Because why would they really have any need for full on winter regalia?

I hope you guys are enjoying the snow.

These are great ideas for different.


Better you than me - I don't want any more snow this year.

Write From Karen

Omg, I know EXACTLY what you mean about your boys being different. My two boys are like that: one is brown haired, brown eyed - the other blonde hair, blue eyes.

Their temperaments are different, they are physically very different and their taste in food is exactly opposite. And yet, they are the best of friends. Go figure!


Wow, I can't even imagine having snow in texas. that's crazy, although I guess not unheard of. (obviously since it snowed there. LOL Duh!)

pretty dog!

jams o donnell

Wow we've had no snow at all in London - not even a flurry this year. Happy weekend


Your boys are very different and both very handsome.

Snow... phew! We haven't had so much as a single flake stick to the ground all winter! Today it's 60 and partly cloudy again. Went to the (cold) beach yesterday. Global weirdness is right...

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