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March 23, 2008



Thanks for the reminder WHY we never do Six Flags!!!


Ohhhhhhh, you are a tougher woman than I... I woulda hightailed it out of there at the mention of "Christian Music Weekend." Although one time I made out with this really cute boy when I went to Great America with my youth group for Christian Music Weekend...

Sorry you had such a craptacular time! And thanks for the warning re: Six Flags over Hell.

Hinsley Ford

Lol. Sorry, I felt your frustration, but parts of that post - especially the end - were very funny. At least you have a sense of humor about it. Park ticket prices are ridiculous now. Families should boycott and revolt until they slash prices.

(New reader here!)

Lori V.

No prob, Meems... just one of the many free services I offer... like sarcasm! ;-)

Lori V.

I would have done the same, Molly, if I hadn't had to wake up at seven damn thirty and driven an hour and a half. Hell, maybe I should have left then BECAUSE I had to wake up at an indecent hour and drive an hour and a half! LOL!

Lori V.

Welcome, Hinsley! I hope you'll stick around and read a little. You'll find that a sense of humor about crappy situations is a survival skill in my life! ;-)

Blue Like the Sky

I can't stop laughing at the idea of you, Eldest, and Middle at Krischinn Musick Weekind!

In my youth, Molly, making out in "The Cave" at Six Flags was a yearly rite. The longest wait for any ride was about an hour and a half. I have no idea why the place has turned into such a fuck job.

And to think that this industry SINGLEHANDEDLY had enough power to change the Texas school calendar. Amazing.

Lori V.

Ummmm, yeah. We fit in really well, let me tell you. One upside, we didn't get "witnessed to" once!


I agree!! Six Flags is trying to nickel and dime you to death. I've grown up going to Six Flags and it has really gone down hill. I remember the Cave ride and the other neat rides that are no longer there. Six Flags has lost it's charm. It used to be a FUN place to go but not any more. You're better off going to Disney.

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