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February 03, 2008


The Literary Prostitute

I absolutely love it! Curse words are a part of my everyday speech--sometimes more frequently than I'd like to admit--and there are times when only a curse word will suffice.

Furthermore, I would rather be called a bitch than a 'moron' or an 'idiot'; and there are times when, much to my amusement, a woman is deserving only of the word 'cunt', and I take enormous satisfaction from spitting it out.

And, of course, there are times (such as when I'm in extreme pain) that George Carlin's Seven Dirty Words come streaming from my mouth involuntarily, regardless of how many young ears are standing within close proximity.

Shit-Piss-Fuck-Cunt-Cocksucker-Motherfucker- Tits.

It doesn't get any better than that, right?

Myrtle Beached Whale

I use so-called profanity in my writing when it is needed to make a point. I am not offended by fuck and shit at all but a woman has to really be a cunt for me to call her that.

gautami tripathy

Call me a prude. As a teacher I desist from using curse words. I expect the same from my students.

Truthfully, in my home no one used profanity, not my dad or brothers.

Mom? Forget it!


I have heard and used my share of curse words from almost infancy. There is no doubt that they are wonderful expletives when used properly, however I definitely use a bit of caution when it comes to their use; I am far from a prude.


All righty then. I hear you. I use profanity, but I don't justify it or romanticize it. I'm get offended based on the context when it's used and just call me a hypocrit but I'm not down with my kids being foul mouth. I don't tolerate it.

What I don't get is your argument that everyone else should get over it. When the real deal is those who find your usage offensive should make a decision to accept your foul mouth or opt to not deal with you. But it's silly to argue that everyone else is fucked up because they're offended. That's bullshit. lol


What is it about curse words that make them funnier, and even potentially less offensive, when combined with other words?

Frex: twat v. twatwaffle.
fuck v. fuckstain.
shit v. brickshitter.

Just wondering...

Also, why does my SQ (swearing quotient) go up about 750% when I'm drunk?


all i know is it bothers me when my child swears repeating the same as he heard from me.. it pretty much sobered me up.. my vocabulary has been revived!!!

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