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December 09, 2007



I passed a kidney stone a few months ago. if I imagine it weighing over eight pounds, I'd probably pass out from the pain.


Thanks for coming by my blog...

I can add acouple of stories to the child birth competition!! *LOL*

Rob Kistner

Great post... I fathered three children in my life -- and was in the the delivery room for the entirety of all three adventures. Each was very different, but they all had one thing in common... in all three I was damned glad it wasn't me giving birth (and I've passed 7 kidney stones in my life). Props to the ladies who labor!

Incidentally -- beautiful eyes!

Mad Kane

Ha! I never thought of it as a competition, but it certainly makes sense.


Some post. It has a wealth of meaning!

Devil Mood

"Who was in such pain they passed in & out of consciousness, having Frida Kahlo art-inspired visions?"

hahaaha that was funny (well, to read, of course!). That is such a silly competition. But I think it goes on, later becoming who has the coolest kid, the smartest pupil, the most successful children, etc..It really annoys me.


tee hee.

on the opposite end, there's sadly a competition too on who had the worst miscarriage.


Great point. I found myself doing the same thing, comparing my performance in the delivery room -- and this really wasn't what was in my heart.

Tickled Pink

You go girl! I always say that they don't announce the names of the women who don't get the epidural over the intercom. Do waht's best for yourself.

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