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December 07, 2007



Oh, beautiful bird. I like cranes - I think they are neat creature. I do not like them when I find them sittin' on the bank of my pond - tryin' to eat all the fish. Ugh


Oh!... Cool shot!... Got a long nick!.... Great!... Mine is here...


Have a nice day!...


Come to think of it, yeah.. as thin as it seems, it's stillg graceful

Criz Lai

Wow...so graceful and cute. It's nice to see you having such a good opportunity to shoot it so close up. Beautiful!


wow it's neck and leg is long. I haven't seen a crane in real life before. Thanks for sharing this.


A lovely shot all over! Just great.


Beautiful bird, and great photo. Have a good weekend.


That is a fabulous shot and perfect for the theme. Have a great weekend.

Hootin' Anni

:::singing::: green alligators and long necked geese... Humpy backed whales and chimpanzees.

Ever hear the song? Oh well, I hope you like me serenading you. The bird is beautiful!!!!


Long neck bird.

Mine is up too.

happy weekend


Kathy S

A beautiful shot. It reminds me of my attempts to get a good shot of the Great Blue Herons who frequent our river. There is never a good place to pull off the road, and I haven't gone exploring further.


Nice shot, enjoy your snooze

Friday's Child

Ooooh...long neck and long legs.

Very pretty. We've got a few Herons and Cranes around here, but they're all rather dull-colored. The black and white makes this one so much prettier.

Lana G!

Beautiful Bird! Love this photo!!

ellen b

What a beautiful bird and great shot!
Have a great weekend...

The Rocky Mountain Retreat

Very graceful and elegant bird.


Check out the sexy long legs. Wuakakaaa! (= Have a fun day!


That's one LONG neck! Great photo!


A beautiful bird. It looks as if it is standing guard over something.


Yes, it's beautiful. Like some really good artist would like to paint shots like this.

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