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November 22, 2007



If you are trying to drive away readers...congrats, it worked.


And I am thankful to the universe for people like you and your family who persevere through amazing adversity with smiles and optimism and a wonderful spirit of inquiry.

I'm thinking of adopting a new motto: certainty is the ultimate arrogance.

I, too, wonder about the "directionality" of my thanksgiving these days. But I do know that, despite my problems, I have much good in my life. Your friendship is one of those things.

Happy Free Range Chicken Day!

Lori V.

Wow. I'm really sorry you feel that way.

Is it because you're planning to get up and shop on Black Friday? Because I'm married to an Athiest doctor? Because I'm currently experiencing a crisis of faith? I really was not aware that any of this is considered offensive.


At our Thanksgiving dinner, we raised our glasses and gave thanks... to each other, just for being there. And to our chefs (um, me & Jim). No god-thanking required; just heartfelt gratitude. And of course, some delicious and fine wine.

I stand in admiration of your grateful and optimistic spirit through these tough times. Rock on; I'm thankful for YOU!

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