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August 02, 2007



So cool!! I love that I can finally put a face to your name :)

I'm off to Portland tomorrow, and will definitely be visiting that Voodoo Donut store and the Farm Cafe. Thanks for the tips! And that deer by your Prius is the perfect eco-pic. You should send it to Toyota for their publicity department :)

Lori V.

What, my Meez doesn't look JUST LIKE ME, Vanessa?!?! LOL!


It was wonderful to have you here (seeing your pix, I wish I could've tagged along to the Japanese Garden!) and The Farm is now on my "must-do" list for all visitors to town with even the slightest interest in yummy food. I'm so glad our experiment worked out!

(And I think you look JUST LIKE your Meez. I spent two hours working on one the other night and came out with something that looked like a misbegotten cross between Lindsay Lohan and Wednesday Addams.)

Simply Authentic

Woo hoo! Glad my home state was such a pleasure for you! Sounds like you were able to experience a variety, glad it treated you so well!

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