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June 12, 2007



Good on ya, Lori! No point going too extreme too quickly... you'll just end up getting sick of all things green and give up (or at least I would).

Keep up the great work.


If the sheets are flannel, they'd make good cloth TP wipes. If not, you could make reusable bags for lightweight groceries and bulk items like oats and nuts. And we always need more cloth napkins and rags. I'm off the rest of this week to MIL's to learn to sew hankies and wipes myself.


Gah, you had to get all inspirational when I had been thinking "lazy day today" all morning! I broke down and just now ordered that handbook that you love so much =)

If your husband does any of his own bike maintenance sheet pieces make good rags for that. Just because their thinner and a little easier to use with the smaller parts.

homemade dog food recipes

My hubby and I watched the Global warming DVD the other day and was amazed how our planet has changed these years.

It is scary to see what we have damaged our planet through the technology which we have created to "improve" our world...

Love the ideas of reusing old materials to create new things. We use our old toothbrushs for cleaning the bathroom and kitchen (although it takes longer than using a profession tools, but it ends up to be another good way to exercise!)

Cheers to all green supporters!

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