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June 03, 2007



Love it! My reactions:

1. I once got a sample of soy crayons and really liked them. The pieces didn't melt as well as Crayolas though in my collage.

2. I don't care. Send me an ugly piece o' apple pie!

3. Birder could have been one of my random facts. Been watching them personally and professionally for years.

4. I'm too lazy to scrapbook but I envy those who create wonderful memories.

5. Um, I killed several in my house this week. Does that make me a murderess?

6. Gorgeous. On second thought, let's meet there to eat that apple pie...

7. Thief!

8. Party pooper or not, Lori, you came through on the meme! As a meme virgin, I was feeling sad that no-one I tagged was posting their 7 random facts so thank you. And I'll be e-mailing you about that banner tutoring...


you're a scrapbooker too! that's neat!


Steal away Lori! #5 The cat works great for that. It's the only use for that lazy bastard. Even though sometimes I find half eaten flies on my bed. Ewww.


Hey, how did I not know you're a scrapbooker? And pfah to pretty pies... everyone knows the ugly ones taste the best. (Said the girl who could not make a real pie crust to Save. Her. Life.)

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