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June 24, 2007



Wow...great topic. I can't say I ever thought about it in that light. I don't know why people put so much time, money, and thought into it in the first place. My philosphy has always been that I'll be dead and I won't care anyway!

Blue Like the Sky

Very compelling ideas. With all the bad press SC has received of late, I'm glad to see this little bit of light in the fog of the funeral industry's big lobbying. In TX, this would be illegal. When the infant son of some dear friends died, within a few months of birth, they wanted to bury him on land they owned, much along the lines you described. They found that to so do would be illegal, "for public health reasons." Right.


Being a diamond is kinda weird.
Can you imagine?
"This WAS my mother."

But it's a good idea, thanks for including it, I'd never heard of that option.
I totally wanna be jewelery


Very interesting links! I'd send the diamond link to my sister as it is her favorite gem, but then she'd be depressed that we scattered our mom's ashes years ago.

Deb C

Great post! Very thought provoking. Thank you.


I'm all over the eco-cemeterizing. My mom always declared she wanted her body "dumped in the woods," which I used to think rather grim but which now sounds actually fairly appealing.

Do you know about the Parsee mode of body disposal? They have special buildings called "Towers of Silence" where bodies are left in alcoves to be devoured by vultures, thus polluting neither earth (via burial), air (via cremation) nor water (vis-a-vis Hindu Ganges funerals). Interesting take on the problem, anyway.

Brian M

In Ancient China, Mozi (Moh Tzu) was Confucius' first real philosophical opponent, and one of his tenet's was "thrift in funerals." He have his essay on why elaborate funerals are morally wrong.
-Brian M



The coral reef option sounds cool. Rotting in a box has never appealed to me--I've always said I would prefer cremation.


cool options (diamond is awesome) - and the eco-way that you describe is actually the way Muslims bury their deceased. The funeral is the day-ish after death (no embalming, just preparations done by people in the community, as far as i know always women), the deceased (who is wrapped in a simple cotton shroud) is lowered into the hole by family, and then everyone who wants grabs a shovel and helps to bury the body (which sounds horrible but is actually very very therapeutic). Everyone is buried the same way, no matter what your status. No fancy coffins, nothing. i love that it's egalitarian that way....


I love the one where the body is frozen in liquid nitrogen, shattered with a hammer-like thing into little chunks, placed in a linen sausage and buried a couple of feet under the surface where the beasties can get to it easily. I want that one. Or being dropped into a volcano would also do.

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