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May 02, 2007



I say throw it away to the landfill. If your point of getting rid of it is to reduce the pollution it causes, then what's the point of giving it to someone else so they can pollute? That would make you like a pollution enabler or something!..LOL I'm all for freecycling, but sometimes you have to weigh out the dicision.


I don't think that by giving the grill away you would be adding to the pollution-it will most likely go to someone who would have bought one eventually and yours would sit in the landfill.


I agree with Bethany. If you give it to someone else you are prolonging its life span which is always good, preventing your own emissions, and saving the inputs and outputs of producing another grill, which whoever you give it too would have bought.


One of the things we really want to avoid though is arriving at a Puritanical life-style - nothing will taste good; little pleasures are sinful; and it turns the neighbors seriously off.

We LOVE our barbecued stuff. Just a fact. It's a major pleasure. Something you can do that will cut the charcoal emissions is - burn wood, not charcoal. It just takes a little longer. You can find a nice piece or two of oak firewood (or anything else appropriate) - split it into 1 inch x 1 inch sticks- stack them up in a rick, and set it on fire. It'll make a heck of a nice big fire- for 15 minutes- then it'll be the nicest homemade coals you ever saw. And wildy yummy food. Plus splitting the wood is a skill someone can brag about.

No lighter fluid needed, nor guilt. It does take a little learning to be able to manage and time it well.

A little charcoal trivia I just discovered- Kingsford Charcoal was founded by - who? Henry Ford, himself. He needed to do something with the leftover hardwood bits from building early Ford cars - he had tons of bits. Really! look it up.

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