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April 05, 2007



Hi Lori,

You are right on with this post. It is always a trade-off. "Its not easy being green". This is, in part, what sparked me to start my blog and one of the things I want to talk about. I am still struggling with a couple of these dilemmas myself. But I also have the elusive feeling that it doesnt have to be. Like saving water or energy- good for the environment, good for your finances... but of course its not always as easy as that. In the end, you just have to find what makes sense to you and make a choice, and accept that sometimes there is no "good" solution. We humans have the great ability to rationalize our way out of anything. I like to think that if you use resources to create something that is valuable in some way, then its a resource well spent, rather than wasted. And thanks for adding me to your list!


I feel like I find myself choosing between two lesser evils every day! I think when it comes to your art, the good that it produces and the value of it ultimately outweighs the petroleum that went into it. Plus now that you already have all these materials, better to keep reusing them than to buy more and create more waste. Make sure you post some pics of your work when you're done (whether it's a painting or your garden)!


I try to think in these terms: not picking the less of two evils in each individual choice (some of which are lousy because our system of production sucks), but looking at whether I'm doing my best to reduce my overall impact. And trying to get better at that all the time. We'll never have no impact, unless we go back to living the way nature intended. Just think if we all did a little better how the whole world could change.


Have you ever figured out your environmental footprint? (If you Google, there are a few quizzes online.) It helped me feel a tiny bit better about the choices I make, even though there is loads of room for improvement.

And I agree with the pp--you already own these materials, so it makes sense to use them.

Lori V.

Hi, all... thanks for all the great comments!

For those that have asked or mentioned it... I never meant to imply I would waste all the art supplies by not using them... I just meant, am I willing to give up buying them when they run out?

For me, the final answer is: NO! I think the beauty that I bring into the world with my art (and a LOT of my art is reviving and re-using things destined for the landfill anyway) that I am willing to live with the fact that they are petroleum products. I'll still shun as much petroleum as I can, but these things are, to me, very valuable.

Juanita Johnson

Hey Lori,
I found you! So good to her that your muse is BACK!!!
Here is Cindy's blog http://cindygilstrap.typepad.com/junqueart/

We will all have to get together soon. Take care, Juanita

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