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March 11, 2007



Again, I can totally empathize -- I've flip-flopped numerous times between being vegeterian and an omnivore (but never vegan, as I wholeheartedly support humane egg and dairy farming). In the end, I think it's unnecessary to restrict yourself to such absolutes. As long as you try to eat local and free-range whenever you can, and maybe try to limit your meat consumption to once a day so you still appreciate it, I think that's reasonable (and more than what most people do, anyway). Also, if you ever shop at Whole Foods, try looking for this brand called Better Foods (www.betterfoods.ca). They're a couple Canadian guys (I interviewed them) who make half-soy/half-meat products, and I swear you will NOT taste or feel the soy. They're healthier and create less demand for meat. That's amazing that you're caring for so many animals, by the way — warms the cockles of my heart... whatever cockles are.

Walter Jeffries

Meat is a part of the cycle life life and death. It is natural. I disagree with the often proffered concept that eating meat hurts the environment. You can't grow veggies on a lot of land. If you try you'll destroy the soil. We live in the mountains. The best use of the land is forest and mountain pastures that are grazed by sheep, chickens, pigs, goats, cattle, etc. They graze on low quality pasture that won't produce any crops for us and in turn they'll turn those low quality, to us, forages into high quality protein, lipids and other good wholesome foods. I've been vegetarian several times in my life for various reasons but I would not consider it ever to be a long term sustainable solution. Vegetarianism is not healthy in the north country without importing food over long distances and the use of supplements and neither of those are truly sustainable.

As to the killing thing, for myself I personally feel that I must be willing to do the killing, and everything else, if I'm going to eat meat or veggies too. But that's just for me. I make no judgement on anyone else. See this post of "To Kill or Not" from my Sugar Mountain Farm blog:



in Vermont

Lori V.

Wow, Walter. It is very fulfilling to find that I am not alone in my views. Thank you for taking the time to visit & comment!

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