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March 19, 2007



I swear I'm going to read this. Tomorrow. After we eat the pork stew that's simmering in the Crock-Pot right now.

Lori V.

Yeah, Molly, I'd definitely wait until then.


I actually live just a block away from a pig abattoir (yes, in downtown Toronto -- don't ask), and on some days the smell wafts into our building (ew). On top of that, every day I drive to work, I pass by yet another truck full of little piggies turning onto the street that heads to the slaughterhouse, and you can see them through the holes on the side. The result: I don't eat pork. I just can't disassociate myself from it anymore... Plus, I always had bacon growing up, but I've maintained for a while now that pork actually tastes like human (and I know I haven't tasted human, but consider that as you're eating it and I swear you'll get what I mean... my mom did it, and she hasn't bought pork since!)


Oh gross. But not terribly surprising.

Harpers had a really disturbing piece last year about how pigs are artificially inseminated. Basically their immune systems are so shot that allowing them to simply fuck would result in certain death.

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