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March 25, 2007



EEEK! Actually, in that photo it looks pretty darn cute. But I'd probably be right up on the kitchen table in half a second if I saw it in front of me. Something about rats in the house, as opposed to outdoors, totally creeps me out for some reason, despite my love for all animals.

Lori V.

You said it, Vanessa! But once they reach the size of those Gambian pouched rats, they are more like cats or dogs, so I think I could actually have one of those... maybe... :-)


When I first moved to Boston, I lived in a high-rise in a rough part of the city. My apartment was at the end of a hallway near a garbage chute. I put my key in the door, walked in and an enormous rat ran right over the top of my Timberland boot. (Where I worked at the time.) I was so incredibly thankful for those boots!

That happened 12 years ago and I shuddered writing about it.

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