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March 10, 2007



I totally empathize! Everyone who knows me knows I'm the most indecisive person... but I can never make the call because I always need to go back and forth, weighing pros and cons. I think it's great that you'd be a suck-ass politician, though (made me laugh out loud, btw!). Although, I have to say, the one thing I'm pretty sure about is my stance on the death penalty (predictably, being Canadian: that it shouldn't exit). But not for sympathetic reasons, more because I think it's far worse punishment to be stuck in a max-security prison for the rest of your life than to duck out early with an injection or what have you. Evil, I know.

Added you to my blogroll -- even though you don't always post about the green stuff -- hope that's OK!

Happy Sunday.


Not flip-flopping so much as thoughtfulness. Alas that we live in a society where considering more than one side of an issue supposedly makes you weak somehow!

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