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March 05, 2010


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Blue Like the Sky

Welcome Back, Sweet Friend!

Let me know what the weekend brings.

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I think you should not take shizoaffective lightly. You should put an early intervention to it as early as possible.

Dog Lover

It's such a heart wrenching time to lose a beloved pet. Our family golden retriever suffered from epilespy - even was on medication for it. When he finally suffered a stroke, it devastated the family. He will be in our hearts forever. Good story!

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How was the weekend?

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I enjoyed your post and let me say its good to hear from you again!

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Alex Winegarden

I really admire on how you guys still keep at the idea of keeping things green. I know so many people that if they did this, they would turn around and go back to the life of relaxation,and unknowing of what they are doing to harm the Earth and other people as well. I may only be a high school student but I do so much and do as many things as I can to help out the Environment, because in school we are especially taught to help out the Earth. The thing that makes me think the most though, is that the Planet we live on is a one of a kind, and we can't make another one.

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